nonfiction studios inc.


Built nonfiction into a multi-million dollar corporate communications company as a founding partner and owner. Handle all IT needs and run the website creation / maintenance / development division.

Duties include: Programming (Frontend and Backend), Database Administration, Project Analysis, Information Architecture, Project Management, Server (Linux, OS X) and Workstation (OS X, Windows) Administration, Network Administration - anything connected to a website, intranet or web application project.

A key team member in the building of websites such as: Harvest Energy, Fort Chicago, Canadian Natural, Talisman Energy, The Calgary Stampede using technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, git, Apache, Linux, capistrano, Rsync and many others.

Also handle website infrastructure analysis, server security, iPhone web development, social network integration, analytics, content management systems, search engine optimization, HTML email creation and delivery, website optimization, new technology acquisition, client training and many internal administrative duties.


Sutton Javelin Corporate Communications

www.sutjav.com (defunct)

Lead web developer and IT support for corporate communications company. Analysed website needs for clients and delivered IT and website solutions.


WestWorld Computers


Authorized Apple service technician specializing in Macintosh OS 9 / X Clients and Servers.